About Us

"Health Care For All" - with this motto in mind, our health portal & its mobile application "LIVING HEALTHY 24.com" is being designed and developed that will benefit all Indians and people across the world.

Health Science has advanced tremendously over the years practically in all related fields, be it in medicine and surgery or diagnostics and gene therapy, hospital treatment facilities or services to Pharmaceutics, no field is left untouched. Scientist and researchers are striving continuously, to develop latest technologies, to combat newer diseases that are threatening the human race, from Ebola or H1N1 viruses to resistance against antibiotics.

We, at, "LIVING HEALTHY 24", feel that there is a need to make all the benefits of this progress in Healthcare Management available to the population who may not have access to this advance technologies, due to various reasons; Our innovative approach through ONLINE system (operational through internet and mobile application), will help in meeting this need to a large number of Indians. This is also the priority agenda of the present government of India and hence we are very proud to be able to make our contribution into the same.

"LIVING HEALTHY 24" plans to bring a bonding and linkage to all the updated health facilities that exist today. Currently these facilities are available only to a small percentage of the population, primarily to people who stay in & around the cities. As India grows economically, it is naturally expected that Indians should have access to all the new technologies that are available in the market, to keep themselves free of diseases, and lead a normal & healthy life.

"LIVING HEALTHY 24" intends to play a key linkage and act as a facilitator between DOCTORS, HOSPITALS & NURSING HOMES AND THE AVAILABILITY OF MEDICINES AND OTHER RELATED SERVICES, WITH THE PATIENTS, which normally forms the basis of effective health management.

Welcome aboard to the journey of living healthy 24X7.